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by shebelmarie December 17, 2015 0 comment

Ever since I was little, I started writing my own bucket list. I got inspired with the movie The Bucket List, so after I watched it I started writing the things that I wanted to do in my life. My list keeps getting longer and longer from time to time because whenever I think of something I instantly write it down (in case I forgot LOL). So it’s better to start now because when you look back, you’ll regret not doing the things you wish you could have done. You won’t like that right? And that’s why I live by the quote “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”.

  1. Go sky diving
  2. Go cliff diving
  3. Go to Chocolate Hills
  4. Ride on a Cruise ship
  5. Have a cool car
  6. Travel the world
  7. Finish reading a book series 
  8. Compose a song
  9. Go on a road trip around Europe
  10. Have my own restaurant
  11. Learn how to surf
  12. See the Times Square Ball Drop at New Year
  13. Shoot something with a real gun
  14. Ride on a yacht
  15. Have a mermaid hair 
  16. Watch a live Broadway
  17. Dye my hair 
  18. Make a stop motion video 
  19. Learn how to speak French
  20. Pet a giraffe
  21. Own 100 shoes
  22. Ride a hot air balloon
  23. See the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower
  24. Go bungee jumping
  25. Go skiing
  26. Go to Bali
  27. Make a snowman
  28. See an Igloo
  29. Go to Singapore Universal Studios
  30. Party in Vegas
  31. Go zip lining
  32. Ride on a camel
  33. Ride on a donkey
  34. Eat a Twinkie
  35. Swim in a lake
  36. Touch a penguin
  37. Go rope swinging
  38. Visit the White House USA
  39. Go to a music festival 
  40. Learn how to drive
  41. Witness a shooting star
  42. Ride an elephant
  43. Buy a beach house
  44. Be in two places at once
  45. Go to Hollywood
  46. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  47. Become a fruitarian for a week
  48. Study abroad
  49. Have a piñata on my birthday
  50. Go to Egypt
  51. See a real life pink flamingo
  52. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  53. Go on a non budget shopping spree
  54. Go to six flags Chicago and ride every roller coaster
  55. Go rope swinging 
  56. Jog underneath the pouring rain
  57. Hold a flying lantern and make it fly 
  58. Own a polaroid camera
  59. Go on a actual cooking class
  60. Jog along the coast of Venice Beach
  61. Go fishing
  62. Witness something that will blow my mind
  63. Meet a monk
  64. Travel international alone
  65. Visit Great Wall of China
  66. Learn archery
  67. Be on tv
  68. Swim with whales
  69. Hug a panda
  70. Go fly boarding
  71. Go to Tahiti
  72. Be part of a flash mob 
  73. Road trip with friends
  74. Learn ice skating
  75. See the Grand Canyon
  76. Meet and befriend a Hollywood star
  77. Plant a tree
  78. Witness a vespa racing on FIAT factory rooftop, Italy
  79. Visit the Big Rock, El Peñol Columbia
  80. Visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

I wanted to share my personal bucket list so you’ll get inspired and I know some of the things on my list are impossible but who knows 😛 so what are you waiting for? start writing down you own bucket list now! 🙂

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