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 Last August, before school starts, we decided to have a trip to Baguio! It was very last minute since we left the same night I asked for a reservation! I just used a backpack to pack all of my stuff for 2 days. It was already off-season during that time so the hotel prices are cheaper and there wasn’t so much of a hassle when  it comes to visiting different tourist attractions since it wasn’t crowded at all. My mom told me that it was almost a decade since she last went there, so I was happy because I spent this gateway with my mom and sister. 🙂 Anyway, when we got there, the weather was not what I expected. It was warm throughout the day but the weather was chilly at night. This time we tried something different so we stayed in Chalet Hotel , the hotel itself was really neat and cozy and the interiors was beautiful as well. I highly recommend this hotel guys! and they also have Dulcinea as their restaurant. Here are some photos taken during our trip! :)This was our breathtaking view from our hotel room!IMG_0747_2IMG_1253IMG_0779_2IMG_0772_2IMG_0967IMG_0874One of the main highlight of our trip was to visit Sitio La Presa, located at the highest peak of Benguet. This is where the Forevermore tv show was mostly shot. IMG_0987IMG_1272We went to the Sizzling Plate located at the Session Road and we had steaks for dinner. Yum! 🙂IMG_1256We spent our last day in Baguio roaming around the city proper. And our first stop was Mines View Park! As we entered this gigantic gate, you can see that there are plenty of plants along the way. IMG_1021IMG_1026IMG_1032IMG_1248The amazing view up there was breathtaking! 🙂 Oh I wish I can bring the weather to Manila 🙁 IMG_1068IMG_1064IMG_1165IMG_1166IMG_1184IMG_1196My favorite! hehe 🙂IMG_1255Our last stop was The Mansion, we had a few snaps taken before heading home. IMG_1056And we’re heading back home! 🙂

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