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I can still feel nostalgic through these pictures and it made me miss the cold weather up there so bad. I can’t believe how days go by so fast that it’s actually February already! It’s always been my family’s (mom) thing to go somewhere whenever we visit our province in Isabela and this time we decided to have a roadtrip to Sagada. We left exactly at 5am so that we can arrive early. I suggest that you go there by car since it’s faster and so that you can visit alot of sightseeings to maximize your trip! but if not you can always go for the bus 🙂 Expect a really cold weather up there so go for thick jackets, sweaters and boots or rubber shoes for hiking and trekking! 🙂 IMG_3009Live LokaiIMG_2900On our way we had a quick stop at the 8th Wonder of the World. The beautiful Banaue Rice Terraces. We went to the same spot that we visited last time since the view there was breathtaking, there are souvenir shops and you can also walk to that platform for free. Can you believe that kids there were just running around at the edge of the rice terraces? I wish I can share the video here so you guys can see how amazed and horrid I was haha. Too bad I didn’t had the guts to do it since my shoes were too slippery and I’m afraid of heights! IMG_2849IMG_2835We had our early lunch in Gaia Cafe and Crafts Restaurant. Gaia serves tasty vegan food! The view from the restaurant was great, food was okay but the service was bad 🙁 It took us almost an hour to receive our orders. This was around 9am so the other local restaurants in town were still closed so we had no choice but to try Gaia. And you cannot spot fastfoods there because there’s none! haha.. So don’t expect too much food variety. IMG_2853I tried their vegan barbecue together with brown rice! The food was tasty so I’ll give it a 7/10.IMG_2859On our way to the hanging coffins, we passed by the Christian Cemetery of Sagada.IMG_2947And here we are!! The famous hanging coffins of Sagada. The experience was really educational for me 😛 Since one of the caretakers there told us that when a native of Sagada dies, he/she can request to be buried in a hanging coffin. And they also said that it’s been part of their tradition for a very long time. IMG_2933IMG_2862So if you’re planning to have a trip to Sagada, think wisely! We’ve had a total of 1o hours of car ride. So Sagada for a day is a big no no. Well, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go but make sure that you plan your trip very well and it’s better if you’ll stay for up to 3 days to really enjoy everything. Lastly, make sure to make it memorable and fun! 🙂

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