IMG_9812Here’s another new discovery! Arab street and Haji Lane is just one lane apart and the entire area is actually called Kampong Glam. And yes the area is indeed glamorous. The area has a mix of history, culture and a lively neighbourhood. The place is loaded with shisha bars, cafes and food from local and international cuisines. Though it was really quiet during the afternoon at that time because it was Ramadan but I heard that it comes alive at night for ‘breaking of fast’ and they also have night markets.
IMG_9771IMG_9783IMG_9289This building is the Malay Heritage Centre it’s definitely a must visit if you’re keen on finding out the history of Singapore’s Malay community. 🙂IMG_9287IMG_9299IMG_9568.JPG

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2108.IMG_9726IMG_9811The Sultan Mosque is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore. With it’s massive golden domes and huge prayer hall, it it Singapore’s most impressive religious buildings, and the focal point of Muslims in Singapore.IMG_9822IMG_9302There’s so much to see! I wish I tried the Persian food while I was there though. I’m sure I’ll do it next time when I visit again soon! 🙂


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