IMG_8199If you’ve been around Tagaytay recently, you would see that there are plenty of new restaurants and bistros all over the town. And one our biggest dilemmas would always be “where should we eat?”. But Balay Dako which means ‘big house’ actually caught our attention the most because  we’ve heard so much about it lately and it opened just a year ago. We tried some of their delicious dishes and took photos of their beautiful interiors.IMG_8046IMG_8045IMG_8165IMG_8075IMG_8060Lunch with my mom and bro.IMG_8050IMG_8048.JPGIMG_8068IMG_8069IMG_8070IMG_8071IMG_8160I was too full by the food we had so I had to pass on desserts! That’s very unusual for me but it was fine 😛 IMG_8091IMG_8087IMG_8120IMG_8129IMG_8124IMG_8026And there you have it! Till the next restaurant we’ll try!

Check out their menu here! Balay Dako 🙂

Balay Dako is located at Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City.


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