Annnd I’m finally sharing my favorite quick gateway paradise!!! As it says in the caption it’s called Heartland and it’s located in Bataan. It’s just a 3 hours drive from Manila and since it’s a private property you can’t easily search the place with maps or Waze. But don’t fret because you can have a guide and rent a home via Airbnb. The one we stayed at was a Bahay kubo (Nipa hut) equipped with some basic appliances and a hot and cold shower. We were supposed to stay at the tree house but unluckily it wasn’t available for use during that weekend 😦  But still the Bahay kubo had the perfect native vibe we were looking for to have a break from the city.

Bataan Heartland is located atop hill then all the way down a river. The place includes 3 Ifugao houses, Bahay kubo, Tree house, Cave house, and a Vigan house. And it has an underwater aquarium, a river fed natural pool, and giant swing located at the edge of a cliff. Here’s my photo diary of our quick gateway, and did I mention that it’s also a great place for those who likes to take pictures like me! 😛

Swimsuit from CostaThe inside of the Ifugao house has a convenient cr inside!
Can’t believe that there was a bunch of Moai at the garden! I think this is just new since these weren’t here the last time. A great pictorial opportunity to make people think that you went to Easter island! haha Giant swing with a view of Mt. Samat! 🙂If you ever plan on visiting Bataan, I definitely recommend this place! Bring you family and friends for more fun!! ❤

xoxo, Shebel


5 thoughts on “BATAAN HEARTLAND

  1. This is such a nice surprise. Thank you for your kind words n great pictures. I’m so glad u enjoyed your stay as nothing gives me more pleasure than a satisfied guest. May Heartland leave u w priceless memories for years to come.

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